We all feel anxious at one time or another. A big test, new life event, new job or even a new situation can cause us to worry about the outcome. Occasional anxiety is normal. We all experience it and it does not disrupt our lives for a long period of time.

Anxiety disorder is characterized by significant feelings of anxiety and fear. These feelings disrupt the persons life by constantly stirring up fear or other uncontrollable emotions. It becomes overwhelming to the person from which they can find little relief or escape.

More females than males are generally affected by anxiety disorder with the average age between 15 – 35 years of age. The symptoms can be quite bad. Sometimes social factors such as alcohol and substance abuse can lead to this problem.

Excessive anxiety can often lead to very visible physical symptoms. Irritability, extreme fatigue, difficultly in sleeping as well as muscle pain from being “wound up” are a few of the typical physical symptoms.

The good news is there is effective treatment for managing anxiety. Harmony Health and Wellness have the experience and expertise to help. We have specific therapies that are very effective in treating this disorder. Call us today so we can begin to free you of these fears.

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