Co-Occurring Disorders

People who have mental health disorders as well as substance abuse use disorders are referred to as having co-occurring disorders or formerly called dual diagnosis. They are often difficult to diagnosis as one disease process can mask symptoms of another. Denial plays a big role as well as patients with mental health disorders often do not address their substance abuse as they do not feel it is relevant to their problems.

There are typical patterns that emerge among those with co-occurring disorders. Patients often use various substances to feel better such as substances to help the anxiety, something to make them feel more relaxed or even something to make them feel numb.

Using drugs or alcohol not only fails to help the mental disorder but now creates another problem – substance abuse. This prevents them from having satisfying relationships, developing effective coping skills and can even interfere with the prescribed medications for the mental health disorder.

Previously mental health disorders and addiction issues were treated separately. We know treating one disorder without treating the other at the same time does not result in an effective treatment plan. Harmony Health and Wellness know both disorders must be treated at the same time for the most effective results by a treatment team with experience in co-occurring disorders. Call today we are experts in this field.

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