Substance Addiction

Giving Back to the Community

A non-profit organization

Harmony Foundation is a non-profit organization designed to help the community in dealing with the problems that are faced by low income neighborhoods or anyone that can benefit from our services. We will have a bilingual outreach specialist for Spanish speaking citizens.


Our outreach center will offer services to meet the varying needs of the community. Our programs include:

  • Computer Classes
  • Life skills training
  • Food and nutrition classes
  • Health screenings
  • Childhood obesity and fitness training
  • Community Gardening
  • Cooking classes
  • Job readiness training (resume building, interview coaching, etc.)
  • Soup kitchen to feed the hungry and homeless
  • Resource assistance in finding governmental assistance and programs
  • Music, painting, and fine arts classes

Individualized Assistance

Our outreach specialists will provide ongoing assistance to individuals and families who are in crisis and have specific needs. We listen to community members and connect them with the necessary services.

Special Events

Throughout the year we will organize special events in our community such as clothing drives, food drives, health fairs, nutrition awareness, healthy cooking workshops and physical fitness boot camps.


Volunteers are a huge part of what we do, with them we wouldn’t be able to offer the services that we do and help as many people in our local community. We are always seeking volunteers to teach classes or any of the many tasks that need to be completed to make our programs a success. The satisfaction from volunteering and helping people is unlike anything else you have ever done. If you are interested please contact Brian DePorzio at 480-206-9241.

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