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Harmony Health and Wellness offers an extensive array of services for adolescents and adults in a state-of-the-art environment.

Crisis/ Stabilization Services - COMING SOON!

Immediate 24 hour assessment and screening of behavioral issues and concerns by both the behavioral professionals as well as medical professionals for individuals who, as a result of a psychiatric disorder, either pose an immediate danger to themselves or others, or are acutely and significantly disabled and cannot meet their basic personal needs. This level of care is for individuals that can be stabilized and returned to their previous living arrangements with an established plan of care within the 23-hour period.

Individual Counseling:

Individual counseling focuses on improving and stabilizing the client’s behavioral and mental health issues, developing decision making and problem-solving skills and increasing self-esteem and self-reliance while taking into consideration each client’s cultural differences and preferences.

Group & Family Counseling:

Group & Family counseling focuses on helping clients understand patterns in their behavior, and identify choices and options necessary to make appropriate decisions.

Intensive Outpatient & Partial Hospitalization Programs:

Harmony Health & Wellness offers both a 3-hour group a minimum of three times per week to assist clients with addressing their behavioral health and substance abuse problems, or 6-hour partial hospitalization group 5 days a week.

When clients need a structured setting in which to work towards overcoming symptoms of mental health, behavioral health, and/or substance abuse concerns, they may find benefits from engaging in an intensive outpatient program (IOP). This treatment option allows individuals to receive thorough treatment that fully addresses their needs in a less restrictive environment than that which is offered in inpatient treatment, or residential care. An intensive outpatient program provides a structured therapeutic setting. Clients are evaluated by our integrated team and if criteria is met for the program a treatment plan is developed. Family and support systems are included as much as possible. An intensive outpatient program allows client to obtain the necessary care and treatment needed while still maintaining outside responsibilities such as working or school. We provide the extra support needed to help minimize the risk of relapse and focus towards a successful recovery.

Medication Management:

Medication may be prescribed to benefit certain individuals as a complement to therapeutic interventions, as they can work to alleviate the physical and psychological distress that certain symptoms elicit. All medications are prescribed by a licensed psychiatrist/Nurse Practitioner.

Skills Training and Development and Psychosocial Rehabilitation Living Skills Training:

Harmony Health & Wellness provides independent living, social, and communication skills to persons and/or their families in order to maximize the person’s ability to live and participate in the community and to function independently. Examples of areas that may be addressed include self-care, household management, social decorum, same- and opposite-sex friendships, avoidance of exploitation, budgeting, recreation, development of social support networks and use of community resources.

Psychoeducational services are provided for persons to achieve be able to attain full time employment in a competitive, integrated work environment.

Telehealth/ Distance Treatment:

Harmony Health & Wellness helps clients overcome barriers to treatment through the use of technology. Harmony Health & Wellness will utilize tools such as webcams, email, and telemedicine video to bring treatment to those who cannot come to it.

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